Am I being too dramatic

So I've been in a relationship for 11 months and two days ago I hit my breaking point in my relationship. I found out that my boyfriend has been meeting up with other women at night and most recently he met up with a woman after Valentine's Day . He claims that its nothing to worry about. They were just talking. The woman looks like a total crackhead. I believe he isn't cheating but I do believe he has disrespected me two too many times. Honestly I feel that the least he could do is let me know he is out with another woman. I can't trust someone who lies and lives in secret. I confronted him about what happened and he told me he forgot he was even with another woman. I feel if it wasn't anything to worry about then why would he hide something like that from me?  Our relationship started off very honest . He would tell me everything. Then He begin to change and hide things from me and accuse me of cheating. It would be him doing deceitful things behind my back. I can handle hurt but I can't handle lies . Basically, I finally got the strength to break up with him because I realized that I don't trust him anymore. Every second he is out of my sight I feel like he is lying to me. Am I wrong for breaking up with him? Am I being too dramatic ? This is my first boyfriend and I'm 20. I lost my virginity to him. It's extremely hard to live life without him. This is person I spent 98% of my time with. I really waited for a long time for a serious relationship because I wanted to be with someone I could truly trust. He has changed so much. He used to be my friend & this open person. I used to be a full time honor student in college and now I can barely balance classes because of my break up.  I'm in my third year in college. I was suppose to graduate next spring but... My GPA is so low until I have to stay another year.  I can't focus anymore. I'm fighting depression and its winning. What do you think I should do?  I wish I had my first heartbreak before life got serious for me. College is no time to lose mental strength.