Clothing problems

Just complaining here...but today I went through my clothes to organize them with the change of season and for storage space. I put aside all the clothes I can't fit this summer. After wards realizing it was almost 75% of my wardrobe...basically cried over this stupid thing, feeling huge, knowing I'm just gonna get fatter. I don't like asking SO for $ unless it's something for us (I'm a sahm) w/o feeling selfish/guilty. I feel like it's a waste of $ to just get temporary pregnancy clothes. Making myself cry more like a big, petty, hormonal baby.

Plus clothes shopping now a days is the WORST. Can't find anything that looks/feels good. Going crazy. Guess it's just t-shirts, leggings and stretchy shorts this summer. August 1 please come quick 😖

I know it's silly, just needed to rant out.