Best sex!! Get wet just being near him!!

My husband and I haven't had sex like at all in the last few months. He has been watching porn and masturbating and I've just been using my toys when I feel like it. But last night we were just snuggling in bed (both of us sleep in our underwear) and we kissed each other and had one if those movies scene kisses where it starts off as just a simple kiss and you linger there and start to speed up as you go kind if thing. We made out for a good 30 minutes and just rubbed each other's bodies and lost ourselves in each other kiss and touch and then we had the best sex we have had in forever!! He did finish much earlier than usual (he can easily last a hour and a half, he finished in about 20 minutes last night lol) and I didn't finish, but man was it worth it!! Now today I get wet just sitting next to him!! ❤👅💦🔥