Would being a single mom be best for me?

I live with my SO and his family (my inlaws). We have a 1 month old baby together.

Well since we've had a baby, I don't work and he does. I'm basically a stay at home mom. Now, the problem is that he doesn't support me financially and I obviously don't have a job. He never gives me money. My baby needs diapers right now, and i only have a few dollars in my account and that's It. I've told him several times he needs diapers but he doesn't say/do anything. I've asked him for money also and he doesn't give me any. I've told him more than once to go open an account together that way I could have access to it and he also doesn't want to. I basically have no control over his money. I have to stay at home all day watching the baby and all night because we "works" and needs his sleep.

I don't know what to do anymore! I hate relying on him and having to ask him for money but then again it's also his baby and he should to do his part aswell. He does treat me very well and respectfully and we get along great and loves his son.

I hate living with his family and I want to move back to my parents.

Now, I don't know if moving back with my parents so I can work and support my child would be best? He doesn't want me to move, and I'm afraid that if I do that he'll get used to being alone without me and the baby. Which would then make me a single mom all because he doesn't support me.

Idk what to do? :(

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