My mother-in-law doesn't make any sense to me. She will never come to visit us, she always has some sort of excuse not to come. She missed my husbands pinning ceremony for his promotions twice now. Anyway, we invited my husband's parents to come visit us for the weekend and were planning on telling them that they are going to be grandparents, but of course she can't make it. His dad is going to come by himself. I'm super disappointed because we had planned a very cute way to tell them. I guess she'll have to find out over the phone...I wonder if she will continue to act like this and not be apart of her grandchilds life? 
What makes me the most mad is she does find time to go visit my brother-in-law who only lives an hour difference from us. 
I know his family likes me so I'm not the reason this is happening. She picks favorites and obviously my bro-in-law is hers. It makes me sad for our kid because I have a grandma who doesn't care to be a part of my life either.