Am I likely to be pregnant?

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex the morning before last & he came inside of me. Then last night we had sex again and he came inside of me.
I have thought I was pregnant a few times before this even happened because of other times he came inside of because he mentioned to me last night that he has came inside of me a few times in the past 4 months. But I always started my period and I even took a pregnancy test once & tester negative... But also another thing is about a week ago I took the day after pill after a night he came inside of me & then I started birth control the next day & then I took another birth control pill the next day & then I started bleeding. And I've been bleeding kinda as if I'm on my period again, but I already had my period this month. And I'm suppose to start my period in 9 days and I'm hoping I do actually start it. But it's been bugging me and I need some opinions. Please give feedback! (Btw I know I'm stupid , I'm deffinatley going to make him wear a condom after this!!)

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