Husband feeling pressured.

Hi guys! My name is Jillian and I'm 28 years old. My husband and I have been TTC for the past two cycles. I'm currently 2 dpo today! I'm not sure if this is our month or not! I wasn't expecting my husband to feel as pressured as I made him this past week and he literally could not preform when I was ovulating (we ended up only BDing 4 days and 3 days before I ovulated). Lol. I feel really bad when I think about how I've been so pushy. To me TTC is something that I want to do right but there is so much that actually goes into it! Not only does timing have to be perfect but hubby must be in the mood too and obviously life isn't that easy! I think me telling him the date I was ovulating freaked him out and kind of ruined the entire thing. That's why I kind of feel that this actually isn't our month. I know I'm not completely out. I ovulated Wednesday or Thursday of this week and we had sex Sunday and Monday. I don't know what my chances are but we will see! Also this is my first month charting my temps and using OPKS. It was a comforting feeling when I got my first positive OPK! Anyway good luck to everyone TTC!!!