My Experience with Misoprostol for Miscarriage

Jessica • I have two daughters (aged 6 ☀️ and 2.5 🌈) and a newborn son that arrived on 11/12 💙 with my awesome hubby for 21 years. Missed miscarriage in 2015. 😔
I am 30 hours into taking Misoprostol to expel uterine tissue and the sac after I found out my pregnancy was not viable. My doctor recommended this because it is less invasive than a D&C. But I am in so much pain (from cramping), bleeding heavily, and passing clots the size of limes and lemons. My doctor never truly warned me that this could happen nor did she prescribe any pain killers to me. It's bad enough that I'm grieving for the loss of my pregnancy and now I am experiencing this horrible pain. If I knew it was going to be this bad I would have opted for a D&C. 
My doc even said she has had both Misoprostol and D&C procedures herself for miscarriages. If she experienced what I am experiencing or had other patients have the same thing happen, why in the world would she recommend this?!? 
I am now becoming quite angry that I wasn't warned of the side effects. I suppose this may be a bit of a venting here, but I want others to know and be warned of taking this drug. My pain is way worse than labor and worse than any other pain I have ever experienced in my life. 
I called my doctors office for a follow up appointment and I informed them of the severe pain I was experiencing and they brushed it off saying it was normal. Don't get me wrong...the doctors/staff there (all the same when I had my daughter 2+ years ago) are all wonderful people and compassionate, but I would NOT recommend this procedure to anyone!
Please share your experiences with Misoprostol and D&C here. I'm interested in knowing if anyone else experienced what I'm experiencing and if D&C is a better option.