Day 36, no period, negative pregnancy tests

We are in our 8th month of trying and this month I have had different symptoms than any other month. Around day 21 I had about 4 days of an excessive amount of white in scented discharge, strep throat, and then about day 30 I started to notice my nipes were very tender and sore! I also have been extremely tired and on edge for the past couple weeks as well! I usually have very distinct signs the week before my period comes, I typically have 3-4 sleepless nights and then a couple days of really light spotting and then it comes, but I haven't had any of that this month. My longest cycle I have ever had was 35 days long and now I'm on day 36. So with all that I have taken about 5 pregnancy tests over the past or so and they have all been negative! I'm at a complete loss as to what is going on and the stress is really starting to overwhelm me and bring me down! Please any advice is welcome!