Im comparing so much my self with his exs

My boyfriend's friend called me with my boyfriend's ex name yesterday and it destroyed my mood so much..I compare my relationship with my boyfriend with his two big past relationships all the time. They were really ugly both of them by the way. The mainly reason is because even though he lost contact with them for good and he doesn't talk about them, his two exs even though they broke up with him they are always around somehow.

Like they want to show they were here before me.

One of them liked a photo I posted to him or liking his profile photos and he deleted her and the other one she found excuses to see him for stuff she remembered she had in his place.. He told me he wants to marry me one day and we are living together, but also he was living together with these two before and he admitted that he was thinking to ask his pre-previous ex to marry him one day.

I am overthinking I know and every relationship is unique but I don't want to be just an other attempt of love for him because the others failed..I love him so much but all of these thoughts are stopping me from enjoying it