Endometriosis symptoms

My family practice dr and urologist both mentioned endometriosis as a possible cause for many of the symptoms I'm having.  It was recommended I see my OB, but my appointment isn't for another 2 weeks 😰 I'm interested to know what your symptoms are and your treatments.
My most prominent symptoms have been my cystitis-like symptoms (pain emptying bladder, mostly), pelvic pain (often dull, achey, but also pinching/pulling/tugging sensations below naval), and occasional discomfort during sex.  My most recent period was fairly painful, but I was functioning.  My periods are very light - maybe 48 hours + spotting.  I'm tired and grouchy a lot, but I'm not sure if that's from TTC for a year and grieving the 2 pregnancy losses (July '14, Sept '14).  Also, since we were able to conceive twice, could it really be endo?  My ovaries were visible on my last ultrasound and the tech said "If it's endo, it hasn't changed the shape of your ovaries & they aren't covered bc we were able to find them," which seemed promising.  Confused, frustrated, and hoping for this sticky bean soon!