6w4d feeling more wet 😳 - mucus plug??

Claire β€’ 2 MCs in 2014, hoping for a sticky bean third time around, due Nov 2015 πŸ™
As the title says I'm 6w4d and I keep running to the toilet today as I feel like I do when I come on my period so worry that I'm bleeding (have had 2 mc's), but when I go for a wee or wipe there doesn't appear to be anything there, just an increase in mucus/discharge; is this normal at this stage? I've done a bit of googling and read something about the mucus plug forming at 7w, could this be what it is? I've had slight cramps too today but I get those roughly every week and assume it's just things growing inside-any advice from experienced mummies would be appreciated πŸ™