bed time 😑😑

A.M.M β€’
Please I need any advice! My son has always gone to bed great till these last couple of nights. We have a schedule, bath at 8, bottle at 830, right when that is done we would rock him to sleep. We are trying to break the habit of rocking to sleep, so we are putting him in the crib and we rub his back/ play with his hair till he falls asleep. The first couple of nights went fine. Now all of a sudden he just keeps sitting up and standing up. We won't say anything to him. Just keep laying him down. It is literally taken and hour or more to get him down the last couple of nights. We would let him cry it out (and I'm not against crying it out) but it literally does not work. We have let him cry it out for over an hour, and he was still standing up screaming. He does not let up. So any go to bed advice would be great. Does he need an earlier bed time? Later bed time? Do I just keep doing what I'm doing till he is used to no more rocking?Β