I feel stuck and don't know what to do?

Tracy • I am about to turn 35 eek it's freaking me out I love my son who's 4 not saying sometimes i love him less when he goes to his grandma's sometimes we need a break my physical limitations make it difficult! Anyways love movies tv ect...I really hate filling
Ok been with husband since I was 21 I'm 33 now I have had a stroke plus I have MS, I don't drive and have no money and I need to be on ssi but was denied bc no lawyer, my husband is perfect on paper and everyone else loves him hell I do but he's so verbally abusive to me everything I do is wrong I'm not allowed to spend any money without permission and I still get bitched at it's always a interrogation I feel so stuck there's got to be a way to get out and trust me I have cried, pleaded,begged tried books and he may change for a week or so but goes back to telling me I'm useless and I can't do anything right and we have been through alot and mostly me anyway I was raped, we've lost a child, I tore my body up having the perfect son u know I even started taking benzos before anything huge bc i was walking on eggshells around him and the fighting now he mad bc I keep to myself and won't really talk to him anymore has anyone else been in situations like this one great thing he is a wonderful father but I don't want my son speaking or treating me like him when he's older oh and he's 50 so there's a 16 yr age difference between us and yeah red flag but he wasn't like this until he put a ring on it!