No nursery?!

I did a hospital tour today with my almost 5 year old to reacquaint myself and have her in with me so hopefully she won't be nervous (yeah that won't be a problem, she was over it after 5 minutes 🙄) anywho I found out that they apparently no longer have a nursery! Baby is with you in your room 100% of the time barring any issues obviously! Now that's what I had planned anyways, but I figured I had the nursery as a fallback should I hope to actually get some sleep! I am nervous because I have a scheduled c section, and they do not allow young children to stay the night so daughter and daddy will go home each night! I am most nervous the first night because I have an afternoon surgery so I don't even know if I will be able to sit up to lift baby, they do not allow you to sleep with baby in your hospital bed because it is so narrow. Like you all are working against me! I know if I need help in the night I can call a nurse, but this just stressed me out momentarily and I needed to vent! As well as ask if anyone has experience going it alone in the hospital room especially after a C section?