Telling him

I told my boyfriend I was pregnant today and he told me to get an abortion as we are too young and it'll ruin his life. He said if I decided to keep the baby he couldn't guarantee he would stick around as he can't handle having a child. I told him I couldn't have an abortion as it goes against everything I believe in for myself and he told me I was taking in consideration and feelings!!! I'm honestly so upset I'm terrified and don't know how to feel and yet he's telling me I need to take in account his opinions and feelings when he won't take mine. He's hoping it's just a false positive, because he said "He can't deal with knowing he has a child in this world. Also he said if I ever took him to court for child support he'd find a way to get out of having to pay it i.e. Quit his job, pretend he didn't know, or claim it isn't his. I'm at such a loss what should I do? 
Update: So he came over today and I figured we would talk about everything. (He came over on his own not me asking) and he acted as if everything is normal and that everything that happened last night didn't. I'm really confused and I don't know how or if I should bring everything up again .  I love him and I really do want to make things work but I don't want to push him away if he is just coming to terms with being a father his own way.