Aunt flow has arrived 😭

Jayne β€’
I don't really know if anyone will read this or are bothered but I have to type on here. I don't know what else to do.
Started clomid after 4 years TTC felt like it was finally our turn. I'm under investigations for endometriosis but my consultant said to try and get me pregnant first. The pain I get is excruciating and take enough painkillers to wipe out a horse every month. I was so happy to be on clomid and finally become pregnant and not to have pain.
Aunt flow arrived properly yesterday......
I've been spotting for a couple of days but was praying it was implantation bleeding. Obviously not....I'm absolutely heartbroken. Myself and my husband want a baby more than anything in this entire world. I've never been pregnant before and real feel that it should be my time.
I hate it when I see people who don't deserve children having the best gift ever! People that take their ability to have children easily for granted. I'm on a hen weekend as well this weekend trying to put on a brave face but just feel like I'm dying inside.
I would give up everything for me and my husband to have a family. Surely it's our time soon, I can't take feeling like this anymore......