scariest thing happen to me last night. *update

It was around 2am baby woke up to eat (he's 9 days old ) I get him and I get a strong pain on my left ovary/side all the way to my back I sit down how ever I could fed him when I was done couldn't even move, I took Tylenol and tried to sleep ignore the pain. It didn't go away bf gets home at 6 am from work and helps me up to the rrm still in horrible pain I come out of rrm and the room starts spinning I felt thirst I've never felt before I stood there in tears he helped me into bed gave me water and was by My side. I still have strong cramp like pains in my uterus and my body is very sore like if I been beat up. I can't even comprehend what happen to me. 
Went to er. They did a sono a Ct scan blood work had me on morphine for pain. I been in a private room since Sunday at midnight. On antibiotics and norco meds every 4 hours. First they thought it was from when all the blood stays inside after having baby and that it could be causing an infection, I bleed horrible chunks of blood very heavy when the antibiotics started I started feeling better since yesterday around 5pm I started with fever 101.1-103.3 wasn't going down at all whatsoever. The pain came back worse than ever now they have me on a different antibiotic hoping this one helps, I haven't seen my babies since Sunday 😔