My Gyno Is Not Supportive

I made an appointment to get an iud and my doc gave me an exam and said she things i would be a good to get an iud. She leaves yhe room and asks me why dont i try the depo shot or nuva ring. I said no i dont want to do those i also cant do those because i have blood clottimg disorders. She told me it was my choice but was not friendly about it. After i said i still want the iud she said i normally like to give it to women who have had kids. Then told me to call yhe office when i got my next cycle. I did so then they tried to get me in on a day my cycle wont even be there. I told them i was going out of town for two weeks and wouldnt be able to come in on that day. They told me to just call back when i got my next period. What are the chances my boyfriemd who we both recently became sexually active with eachother after 3 years of dating (we both were virgins) the condom broke and didnt realize it until it was too late. I used a spermicide slip along with the condom because right now i am unable to provide for a child let alone i have a few health issues that make it dangerous for me to have a baby. So even though i track my fertilty the condom broke the day my period ended but i didnt want to chance it so i took plan b. I am so dissapointed my gyno wont listen to what i want. Now until i take a test i have to be worried of being pregnant. I even made a point to tell her i am sexually active. Why would she not be in a rush to protect me.