I need advice/need to vent šŸ˜ž

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 7 months and things just haven't been so good lately. We argue a lot over stupid stuff and most of the time it is my fault as I often over react and blow up on him, but he doesn't make things much better. He just escalates the whole situation trying to prove why he's right and I'm wrong. Sometimes just saying sorry and shutting up even if you didn't do anything wrong can help a lot. That's my opinion maybe I'm wrong. He's been really stressed out about other things that don't concern our relationship, for our entire relationship and I know I need to be there and support him, but he really irritates me sometimes cause he'll say or do something then swear up and down it was the other way around. I love him a lot, I really do but just lately things have gone downhill. Even as far as sex, he only wants to have sex in the shower doggy style and I do not like shower sex nor doggy style because I can never have an orgasm that way. He says he doesn't like to do it while we're dirty, but then doesn't want to get dirty again after a shower??? He also says his anxiety is too high to do it any other time because a shower calms him down enough to enjoy it but I just really don't enjoy it and it kind of hurts my feelings sometimes that he doesn't want to do what I want to do. Now we only have sex about once a week which is fine I would love to do it more though, but when we do do it it's in the shower and it just really sucks. I'm not sure what to do I kind of need advice but I also just kind of needed to vent. Thanks