H&M Maternity Shorts/Jeans

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Hi ladies!
I was wondering if anyone has any experience with H&M's maternity line. The two H&M stores I have in my town don't carry the maternity items in store so I went online and ordered a pair of shorts. I'm not really a shorts girl as I don't like my legs but I wanted some to wear around the house and maybe out in the very hot days we get here during the summer. I ordered a size up to be safe but they are so tight in the thighs and butt. They are super cute and a great price but so uncomfortable because of the tightness. I just want something to wear around but I'm not sure if going up another size will help or if I should just buy somewhere else. They are like a mid length short and a faded wash. If anyone has any experience with H&M or has any other suggestions of places to get cute maternity shorts that won't break the bank, I'm open😊 Thank you for reading! Wishing everyone a happy healthy pregnancy! 💕