Doesn't even feel real even with the proof

Well I was on cycle day 22 DPO 9 or 10 and decided to do a pregnancy test. First I did to blue dye test which one of them was clear blue and the other one was a equal both showed a very very faint line which I've never seen before. I decided to show my support sisters and they also said they see the line and so they suggest me do a pink dye test so I went to the store and grabbed a pink dye tests. The pink dye test came back with a faint line which there were more faint than the blue and so I decided to go see my regular doctor who did a urine test on me and it came back negative so when I showed him my home pregnancy test he decided to send me to the hospital instead of sending it his self so he can get blood work results back fast. He told me that he wasn't sure it was going to come back positive since the urine test came back negative but he said I will get there one day. 30 minutes later my doctor called me back to tell me congratulations and said my HTC was 8 H. Ever since cycle day 22 all the way up to cycle day 24 which is today I've got nothing but faint positives , so I decided to go get a first response digital and regular pregnancy test. So far it's still shows a faint line but the digital says yes +. The test I have taken before we're all dollar pregnancy test except for the first response which I took today and the clear blue which I took on cycle day 22. I put my money on First Response and the 88-cent pregnancy test from Walmart👍