Implantation bleeding or is this my Period?

My last period was May 6th and I haven't had a period since then and I had unprotected sex on the 17th and he released inside of me but I thought nothing of it the next week I had sex on the 26th with someone different but we used protection and the second time he pulled out I had sex with the same person I had sex with on the 17th on the 2nd of June unprotected again and he released in me again and like 10 min ago I'm bleeding and I missed my period on the 1st and I waited another week and still no period but now I'm bleeding not heavy blood kinda brown when I wiped not major cramping but there is pain it's just light blood is this implantation bleeding or just the beginning of my period please help I'm so confused... If I was supposed to be pregnant rn I would be between 4-5 weeks but implantation bleeding is 6-12 days after conception so does that add up ? I urinate more frequently I have had constant cramps on the outer parts of my stomach to my back I have also had tender breasts and nipples which are changing they've becaome very hard and like little bumps around them and I've also had nausea and I've been bloated and have headaches idk what's going on I'm really confused and on the verge of tears idk what to do... Oh and I'm 16🤦🏽‍♀️