Just need to vent 😧

I'm on day two of not feeling good, there's a spot in my stomach that hurts and makes me feel nausea. When I woke up I was feeling kinda out of it like everything's just a blur and nothing seems real. My boyfriend wanted to go fishing so I agreed but when we got to the spot it was the beach that was already crowded and more people were coming , so as I said I'm not feeling good, it's pretty hot out and I don't do well in crowded spots because of my anxiety. So I said to my boyfriend there's going to be no where for me to sit and he said well I'll be in the water and I gave him an attitude so we left . Then we went to a different spot that wasn't a beach but he got his fishing lure stuck so he got mad cut the line and we left. Drove around then he went and got more fishing stuff went home he made food got himself some put the rest in the bowl for me but I didn't know because he won't even talk to me the only thing he's said was are you eating that or not , and said now he can't go fishing till next weekend because he works all week . And then he complained because we went to my cousins yesterday for me to get a bike and we ended up helping her get rid of stuff . So all he's been saying is I went and helped moved stuff and didn't even get paid and it wasn't even in the plan to help. So basically he's saying I ruined his weekend and I'm already emotional because I don't feel right at all. Should I feel bad because we didn't go fishing 😦