My mother will not stop treating me like a child.

I am an 18 year old Muslim female. I go to college and live at home with my mum (which I really don't have a choice at doing being a Muslim) me and my mum are always arguing and it frustrates and emotionally drains me constantly. Sometimes when I talk back she claimes I'm shouting and puts her hands on me leaving me with red marks and sometimes a bruise or two. This week I got payed money from work and asked her to pick it up for me as I'm sick and she wouldn't give me the money claiming I'm not responsible enough to look after it or myself and that I need to save it for holiday. I am and have been capable of looking after my own money and how I spend it. I feel like from a young age due to things that have happened in my life I have matured very quickly. Also she will make me feel guilty because she has accepted my Muslim boyfriend and whenever he comes around or I want to stay out with him for dinner she will make me feel extremely guilty using religion telling me what I'm doing is wrong. At my age she was married and had me. I'm trying to
Understand but I can't seem to. I am coming to a breaking point. Please any advice would be great 👍🏼