My husband is so rude...


Do you ever just want to give up and leave for good .. I try to get along so well with my husband but it's just so hard. We bump heads, he is so rude, he hits me, he always wants to win and have the last word. He's 25 I'm 22..

I make him do things the nice way but he does them in an ugly way, with attitude, and ugly come backs. He doesn't care if I get hurt.

He cares more about his family which they hate me, and it's hard for him to do something for my parents which there always there for him love him and respect him.

I'm tired of living like no man cares or loves me, I want attention I'm a girl, I want love.

I sometimes want to give up but I don't want to seem like I'm giving up....

Anyone struggles like I do? 😔💔