nose piercing... black woman.

Cheyenne ✊🏿
SO I would first like to say that I'm a decent young woman. I have a decent job. I'm not "ratchet" nor do I partake in ratchet activity. I am a black woman in America and I was just curious to know how you all view nose piercings ONLY because I was thinking about getting a tiny one. I honestly think it's beautiful ! but unfortunately recently someone in my life told me I shouldn't get my nose pierced because I'm black and we already have enough people "against us" and it'll only make me a target more than what I already am,  basically saying the way people look at us (as black women/ people in general) is already bad so me getting my nose pierced will make it worse. They already look at me like a "Shaniqua" so getting my nose pierced won't make it any better for me... literally what the person said. 
I was beyond pissed but couldn't help to think what others thought about this? I'm still thinking about it like.. Wow. People make me sick.. comment please !