Gave birth at home (unplanned)

I woke up at about 3:10am Wednesday morning in pain. I was having a dream that someone hit me in he stomach and in reality I was having contractions. So I started timing as they were happening. I tried to keep quiet to let my husband sleep since he had to be up in about 3 hours for work. But after about 20 mins my contractions were getting worse. He eventually woke up and saw that I was laying in bed in pain and asked if I was okay. He started to help me time them. After almost an hour I called my nurses line to see if I should go to hospital and was told no. That I should "wait an hour, walk around and shower. And see how I feel." By about 5 am the contractions had gotten worse and my husband kept asking if we should go to hospital and I said no based on what nurses said. I tried walking around our bedroom and was in too much pain to walk. Then I felt like I had to poop (sorry tmi) and I ran to the toilet. And started pushing. And my husband was trying to get me to get dressed to go to hospital and I felt like I couldn't get up. My pushing was just happening without me trying. After awhile I put my hand down there to touch and I felt his head, which I didn't realize was his head. I screamed to my husband to look and he could see the top of his head while I was on the toilet. And my husband told me we weren't having the baby on the toilet and pulled me to our bed. I laid down and felt the urge to push and his head was coming out. I told my husband to call 911 and as he was calling I called my mom because I needed to hear her voice. as my husband was on the phone with 911 they were guiding him on how to deliver the baby. Once he was half way out I didn't feel an urge to push so I  asked my husband how he looked and he told me he was half way out. So I waited a second and then pushed and the rest of him came out. My husband put him on my chest and went to open the door to the paramedics who had gotten there a couple minutes he was fully out. A healthy baby boy. Élan Harper Williams born at 5:52am by his mom and dad. 7lbs 2 ozs, 20 inches long. (Picture 1 month old)