I just need to vent.

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This is going to be a long story so I understand if you don't read it all. 
I was with a guy for 3 years and thought he was the love of my life. We did everything together and he was there for me during a rough time and I thought I couldn't find anyone better. My cousin actually ended up marrying his best friend(this will be important later). The first year was amazing, sure we argued here and there but it was still great. About half way through the second year is when things started getting bad. He stopped working and was always around his friends. I had no problem with him spending some time with his friends but at the same time I knew they where using him. They used him for rides and used his house as a smoking hang out. For a year I begged him to get a job and to cut back on smoking pot so much, all I really wanted was for us to get our own place. I'd say at least the last 6 months of our relationship I was miserable. I didn't have a car so I couldn't just go out and do what I wanted. I couldn't even spend a day with my mom without him getting mad. I think I was done long before I realized it but I was afraid to leave. I was afraid of how he would react, he was kind of emotionally abusive and he was definitely unstable. I met a guy in April when I started a new job and he is just amazing, super sweet and very kind hearted. After I left my ex he was constantly begging for me to come back. He would beg and then get mad because I said no and said really hurtful things like I would abandon my kids and that I couldn't have my cats because they would end up dead. Now my cousins husband thinks I cheated because I moved on so fast. What he doesn't know is how my ex used to scream at me and yell at me because I said the wrong thing or how he always accused me of cheating and threw my past in my face. He treated me like shit all he ever wanted was sex. He always put his friends and his drugs before me and never cared about how I felt. I'm not asking for advice but it just sucks that I can't even be around my cousin because her husband would rather I be miserable and be with my ex. He tried to make her tell me to stay with him. When I left I felt no emotions about it. I only cried because I was so mad about the whole thing.