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Gunce • Head of research at Glow. Unwilling infertility expert. 2 kids after 6 IVF treatments.

We just released Glow V3! With this new update, Glow brings its advanced proprietary algorithms and its ability to crunch vast amounts of data to women at multiple stages of their reproductive journey.

Maybe your little sister just wants to track her period? Glow will monitors it for her and predict her future cycles so she is never caught off-guard.

Maybe your best friend wants to have a baby in the future, but not now? Glow will now allow her to log important symptoms about her fertile health so that when she is ready, she is fully prepared.

Maybe you have a cousin who just wants to avoid getting pregnant? Glow has created a path that identifies your most fertile days so that you can take precautions accordingly.

None of these people will get the same insights or tasks as our current TTC users like you. Their tasks and insights will be unique to them and their app will look different too. (For example their logs will be different.)

And of course, we added some neat new features for our original Glow users. Like the much requested ability to see a little heart on the calendar whenever you have sex. And we added "Spotting" to the Log. And that's just the beginning....

So please share Glow. Share with your friends and your family. Share it with any woman who values the ability to make smart decisions about her reproductive health. Now and in the future. (We've created an easy way for you to share Glow in the "me" page.)

And as always, thank you for your feedback, your insights and your enthusiasm for Glow.