What would you do?

B • married • mommy to be May ‘18. ❤️
I married my husband back in January. We are both 20 years old. He's in the military and we just moved to Alaska here on base from Alabama. We've been together for a little while and my parents LOVE him. Ever since I moved here my dad has been super serious about me not having any kids until 7 years from now and I respect my dad so much, but I don't want to wait that long at all. My husband and I want kids really really soon. I just don't want my dad to hate me or anything like that if I do get pregnant. I've always followed my dads rules and disappointing him breaks my heart. I'm so lost because I want a kid and my dad is the only thing that's kind of stopping me. Before my husband left for deployment training, I was 2 days away from ovulating and we had sex and we are hoping that some miracle will happen and I'll get pregnant. I guess what I'm asking is. What would you do? I'm so anxious to know, but if I am. How would I tell my dad? And is it even possible I could be/get pregnant? 
I'm sorry I asked this on here. I just am new in Alaska and I have no one to talk to yet. 
Thank you guys in advance. ❤️