Cant wait any longer!

Hi. I'm 36 yrs old, bmi of 33. I have type 2 diabetes and TTC for 4yrs.
I last saw a few consultants a year ago. I was prescribed clomid by the fertility specialist & given it then and there.
My diabetic specialist has asked me to not take it until I lose weight to help control my diabetes better through pregnancy. 
I'm nearly a year down the line now, I've not lost any weight due to lots of things one to include my will power. 
My diabetes is well under control. 
Now you have my history my question is:
Do I wait until I lose weight and then when given the all clear take it?
Take it now off my own back?
I'm not getting any younger and this whole process is beyond testing my patients now. 
I just want to have what everyone else around me has........😥