5+ DAYS OF OVULATION, what's going on???

Kathleen • Due with #2 June ‘19! Big brother Leo excited to meet his sibling. Previous struggles with loss and infertility due to PCOS. Excited this pregnancy is healthy so far!
I've been waiting for my body to start ovulating since getting my IUD removed in September. Thursday I was SO super excited to get a positive OPK... I used a normal dip stick and a digital. The digital even said it was my peak day!
Fast forward today.... This is my FIFTH straight day of positive OPKs, and I had another "peak" day from my digital test on Friday or Saturday, (though today the test gave me an "error"). My normal dip sticks have been equally dark or darker with today being the darkest.
What the heck is going on? I read online that the test might be picking up on pregnancy hormones and could actually be an indication that I'm a couple weeks pregnant, but this is the first time I've ovulated (that I'm aware of)  so how would that be possible? Going to take a test anyway just to make sure but I guess I'm worried that all these days of LH surge is indicitive of a medical condition or something.
Anyone else have this?
This picture is from Thursday (same day of first clearblue smiley for peak fertility)
This next one is from this morning (5th day of positives)