Do you let your SO see you using the bathroom?

Shelby • Expecting my first March 29, 2018 💕
Hi ladies, just out of curiosity. 
I remember at the very beginning of my relationship using my SOs bathroom after fooling around. He was going to stand there and talk to me while I peed but I felt weird about it. We'd only been going out for a couple months at this point. 
Now we both pee while keeping the door open. The other day I was in using it and he walks on and says "oppsie" and goes to walk out. And I'm like "what oopsie?" The man has literally seen me put a tampon in lol. 
And then he's still odd about pooping. He will purposely wake up earlier so then I'm sleeping when he poops. I talk about when I do and such but he'll just say "when I went potty earlier.." 
It's like I made it all awkward in the very beginning even though now I really couldn't care less. We've been together two years and have dealt with worse. 

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