I Wish I Had This When TTC...

Let me tell you about my past a little... very irregular cycles, severe endometriosis, multiple surgeries to alleviate it, and being told I had a reduced percentage of getting pregnant. We tried getting pregnat before we even got married, got pregnant and had a miscarriage around 12.5 weeks. We got pregnant around 3 months later and had our daughter December 2012. Started trying again after her first birthday as uterine and ovarian cancer run heavy in my family (mom had full hysterectomy by 27, aunt lost ovary at 19, etc). TTC January 2014 through June 2015... FINALLY got pregnant. Miscarried around 8 weeks and we're devastated. Got pregnant around 3 months later and had my son about 7.5 weeks early and spent a month in the NICU. 
Here's what I'm excited about... I started some all natural supplements about 8 months ago and FINALLY have regular 28-30 day cycles! I cried; this has never happened! Not only that, I'm actually ovulating every month, which was a huge issue previously. My SIL, who also takes these, called me today and told me that after 5 years of infertility treatments, meds, and failed procedures... they're pregnant!!!! I almost fell over! Praise God!
I'm hoping that when/if we're ready for another that I'll get pregnant easier and have an easier pregnancy. 
Good luck to everyone TTC, currently pregnant and those with new families!