My Labor and Delivery story!


So I was set to be induced May 21, 2017. I went in at 5:00AM. They started the pitocin. I decided to wait for the epidural. I had some IV pain medications. They checked my cervix and I was not progressing. I was stuck at 4cm and I was regressing in effacement. My blood pressure decided it would skyrocket so they had to start me on magnesium. It makes you have flu-like symptoms. I finally decided to get the epidural. They had me put the peanut ball between my legs to help dilate my cervix. I started to notice I was gaining mobility in my right leg. After a while, I gained full mobility in my right leg. I voiced my concerns to the charge nurse (she said the epidural works with gravity. Lies. Lies.) I was feeling my contractions on the right side and they were very painful. Then my left leg gained mobility. I was in a lot of pain at this point. The anesthesiologist came in and injected stronger medication twice. It did not help anything. Nothing was helping dilate my cervix. The doctor told me she would try one more thing, then it would be a C-Section. The doctor got a sheet. Yes. A sheet and tied it around my midsection. Her and the Labor and Delivery nurse pulled it side to squeeze my belly with it. They called it "The Cerny Wrap" (The doctors name is Dr. Cerny." Then everything got crazy intense for me. The contractions were crazy. I felt like someone was trying to rip me apart. I was yelling for the anesthesiologist to come help me. She checked my back and the epidural had COME OUT. :o She was apologizing and said she would put another one in. Omg. I was crying and like almost unable to get the second epidural. They got it in. While getting the epidural I kept telling them that I felt like I was sitting on something. It felt like a ball. When they laid me down I was like "I feel a lot of pressure." They got my doctor and she stuck her fingers about 2 inches in and felt his head and hair. A million people popped up in the room and it was time to push. 4 pushes and my little guy was here! Natural Labor is no joke! That was intense. 

Little baby boy was born May 21, 2017 at 4:57PM.