solve this fight

Ok so my husband and I have talked about starting to try for a baby next month and then we figured out the week i ovulate he is going to Vegas with his friends.  Ok, that sucks, little bit of a bummer.  We had a few days before he leaves that are my early ovulation days so we decided the two days before he goes we would at least try.  Then he tells me that his monthly fight night is the day before he leaves which means all his friends come over that day and I don't see him.  I just found out about fight night about an hour ago and I will admit I was sad.  He doesn't understand why i am sad/bugged that he is having fight night on that particular day and said he didn't know. I assumed we would spend that day/night together and make it special,  but also understand he may not have known my expectations.  Am I right for feeling bad? Or is he just being a guy and I should understand he didn't think that day needed to be extra special?