Have you gained any weight yet?

So I have read that gaining just a couple pounds or so is normal in the 1st trimester, but I am like starving every 2 hours so I don't know how I'm not going to gain weight! I'm more sick (no throwing up, though) than I was with my 1st, but the difference is that I can eat this time. With my 1st, I had MANY more food aversions. I lost 4lbs my 1st trimester with him. NOT gonna be the case this time! Lol! I'm trying to watch what I eat just in the sense of not overeating or eating too many bad things. My weakness is ice cream, though! It soothes my tummy!! Anyway.. How are you ladies doing with weight gain (or weight loss for some, I suppose)? I've gained about 3lbs so far at almost 7 weeks along.