Abnormal Quad results

My EDD is Nov 9th 2017. So I had my quad screening done a little after turning 17 weeks. I got a call yesterday that I had a abnormal reading for ONTD (Open Neuro Tube Defect) I am freaked out and worried something is wrong with my little bean growing in me. I am 19 weeks along with my second pregnancy, my first pregnancy was completely normal the entire pregnancy and I delivered a healthy little boy. The nurse that called me yesterday only told me my results were abnormal and that my current doctor could no longer see me and that they were referring me to a high risk doctor. They didn't give me any odds or tell me who they are referring me to. I have done some research and have found people saying that there are false positives all the time or that the chances of baby having actual issues are pretty impossible. I still can't help but feel hopeless and in limbo land not knowing what will happen. It scares me even more being 19 weeks with my second babe and I have yet to feel a definite kick, but only a few flutters every now and then. Anyone experience this? Please share your story with me.