Read if deciding between pill or D&C for miscarriage

I want to share my story so that other people won't feel as horrible and traumatized as I have felt.
I miscarried at 10 weeks but the fetus measured at 8 weeks. So since it wasn't planning to come out on its own I was given the choice of pill or D&C . I was told with D&C I run the risk of getting scar tissue which prevents future pregnancies ( I didn't do any research on this because I just didn't want to risk even a 1% chance) but nobody prepared me for what came next. Had I known what to expect I could have gotten less traumatized. Mind you that luckily not every woman will have a devastating experience like mine and pills have been easy on some.
For me the pain was not the worst part but the fact that I was bleeding for 7 hours straight . I have never seen that much blood , every 10 minutes a huge blood clot/ tissue would come out and there was a pool of blood gushing out . I felt I won't survive! 
I still need to do an ultrasound and if there is more left , a D&C!!
I think having to deal with the loss takes such a toll that I really didn't need to go through more emotional torture. 
So mentally prepare yourself if you don't want to get as traumatized as I got or just do a D&C.