mamas boys

Anyone else OH a mamas boy? It doesn't bother me so much, it's kind of sweet he's that close to his mother but the fact any weekend we have his little one and make plans he changes our plans to be taking his son to his mums! If I'm in work he'll spend the day at his mums so she'll take care of his son for him, if he has a bad day he has to ring her, one time I got sunburnt and had tiny blisters and he bloody rang her!! Today we planned on taking his son out and I wake up to him just about to leave to telling me "he's going out with his mum" he told me he was only going into town and would be 5 mins and it's been over an hour. I've cancelled a shift today to spend it with them! He also gets so angry with me because I don't want to go over to see his mum every weekend we have his son or to go visit all the time! I haven't seen my own mother in over a year and he hasn't once tried to save for a flight to come home with me yet expects me to go visit every week a few times a week. It's going to sound bad but I don't think I can be with a man who depends so much on their mum at 27! What am I to do?