Quick ass labor

Miela • Mother Of Two Precious Girls Daylah Skye && Makyiah Dream. Now My Handsome Baby Boy Nyshik Khalib.
I was up all night watching t.v. i finally laid down and fell asleep sometime after 5am. My water broke at around 6 am while I was sleep. I was so excited man. I've y'all see me complaining about this boy and not wanting yo be pregnant anymore. I just wanted my baby out in my arms. While I got up, called my mom first , called my boyfriend and then my god mom. Showered and cleaned up a little bit. Got to the hospital a little after 8 am. I felt fine. Wasn't in any kind of pain. Just leaking like crazy. They put me right In my delivery room and got me set up on monitors and iv. I still left fine. She checked me i was was 4cm. She asked me about getting the pain medicine i was telling her how they didn't work on me first time it wore off the second time just didn't work at all. So I wasn't to worried about it. As soon as that conversation was over I had my first real contractions. It was already very painful as soon as they hit. Within minutes the contractions were already back to back and very intense. I thought to myself "oh no, there already so pain I wanna try to get some sleep before time to push. Because like I said I didn't get any sleep that night. So I asked her about getting the medicine. She said the midwife is coming up, she's gonna check me herself then I can get the medicine. She said give her about 20 minutes. Whole time I'm having strong contractions. Alittle after 9 She came and checked me I was 5cm now. My boyfriend gets there a couple minutes after that. By this time the contractions got my basically screaming. Back to back no relief in between. And I'm asking then why are they coming like this already. Like I was in shock. Minutes later the anesthesiologist came in. But I'm kinda changing my mind because I know I'm not gonna be able yo set up and stay still during my contractions because they were so strong and so close together. So Im like yelling " NO I CANT! THEY'RE NOT GOING AWAY ! so my boyfriend was able to set me up and on the side of the bed. As soon as I set up straight I feel a contraction and my body is like pushing . I'm like ohmygosh I'm pushing. And they're not coming away she said well if he's coming they're not gonna go away. They were telling me to lay down so she can check me again. I'm yelling no I can't. Just put the medicine in. Y'all just sat me up no you want me yo lay Down. I'm like she just checked me a couple minutes ago I'm only 5 so just do it. (Put the medicine) lol so they basically have to push me back on the bed.I'm screaming as soon as I lay down I can feel the baby. The midwife checks again she says. Oh yeah ! He's right there ! Get her legs up. I'm like what do you mean like how is this possible. ? Lol. I'm still screaming no. I couldn't believe he was coming so fast. They're yelling telling me to push. He's right there. I'm like no it hurts. But he was already out. I could feel everything. I pushed maybe two more times and he was flying out. I was in complete shock. I really had a baby in minutes. I went from 5cm to time to push within minutes. I couldn't believe it. I'm still in shock. It was extremely painful but extremely fast. And I'm so in love with my little boy. 7 lbs 5 oz 20 in.