Frustrated with doctor! Ugh

Price • Together for over 13 years, married 6 years. After 3yrs ttc w/PCOS we finally have our son! now without trying we r pregnant with baby #2

Ever feel like ur doctors office is a joke? We have been ttc for 3 years. I have pcos. Done 4 rounds of clomid. Nothing but bfn... been seeing my local obgyn for all of this. Several things that have upset me

1. While doing clomid i had to get bw done to check progesterone levels and i always had it done. Well i called to get a refill for clomid and the doctor told me she wouldnt give me a refill since i didnt get my bw done. She was the one who called me the week before with the results of my bw! Wtf!

2. I have made an appointment with a fertility specialist and needed my records. I had them mail me a copy of them along with sending them to the specialist. Well i open up my records and they r not all mine! When i called and said something to them about it they laughed and asked me to bring them back to them!

3. I have completely changed my eating lifestyle since nov 1st i have been on a paleo diet and have as of today lost 25lbs so i wanted to check to see if my hard work is paying off and see what my bw looks like now vs before and it was cd3 bw so i didnt want to have to wait another month to get it done by the specialist so i asked for the bw. Which the tech approved. Well i had that done on 3/7/15. The only reason i know what my bw results are is because i called and asked for a copy because i needed to take them to my appointment at the end of the month and i was told the doc was going to call me and go over them. Well she hasnt so i called today and they tell me well she wrote in your chart that there is no change from the last bw done. Wtf. Im looking at it and i know im not a doctor but i can read! My lh and fsh before were at a 3:1 ratio now they r at a 1:1 ratio. Not to mention the results of my total testosterone and free testosterone are the opposite of what they were last time. How can u say that there is no change? Maybe im crazy but this is really frustrating i am trying so hard to get this pcos under control and loose weight so i can get my bfp and they r no help at all! Im trying to do as much as i can so i can hopefully avoid having to do ivf. Anyone else have problems like this with their docs office??