Babe, i have something to tell you (embarrassing period story)


So i was at my friends house staying the night and he knew i was on my period and everything. But early in the morning I woke up and had to use bathroom. As soon as I got up I keep feel my panties were wet, i kinda knew then i had bled thru. But boy when i went to use the restroom my undies were soaked with blood. My legs had dried blood in between them, it looked like a mini murder scene. I spent the next 15 minutes or so in his bathroom cleaning my self up and cleaning his bathroom up too cause there was blood drops on the floor and everything.

When i finally came back to the room i was like "babe i have something to tell you"☹☹ He was like what is it? I told him i bled thru everything and probably got blood on his bed/sheets, and everything.

He was really sweet about it and asked me if i was "ok" and told me he would wash the sheets. Then he gave me cuddles and we went back to sleep.

Ladies, always carry extra undies and wipes with you wherever you go!

Anyone else have an embarrassing period story while they were with their bf/gf/so they wanna share???