Husbands BFF is annoying!

My husband has this really good friend, who does a lot for him. Hubby got a DWI three years ago before we met and this guy, who we will call John, drives him around when I'm not able to. I just recently found out we're expecting a baby in November. My hormones are going crazy and needless to say John annoys the crap out of me! He's always around. And I mean ALWAYS! He spends the night on our couch at least 3 times a week. There was once a time he even stayed in our guest house. He has a key to our house, thanks to my husband. He doesn't knock, just comes in whenever. Am I overreacting? Everything he does is annoying. His laugh. He doesn't shut up when a movie is on. He talks so much, and half the time I try to tune him out. I've talked to my husband this weekend about it and it seems he might be too nice to tell his friend anything. I'm going to blow one day.