Edited: I Don't Understand What I Allegedly Did Wrong

Last night my husband, son, and I went to Krogers. We were browsing and occasionally I split off to go get something from one aisle while my husband was in another. Sometimes I had to take off to chase down our 2 year old. Anyway, we get to checkout and I stand there while my husband does self checkout. Our 2 year old was off and running again, so I left my husband at checkout while I followed our wandering son around the store. **I took my son out of the cart because he was antsy and attempting to climb out of the cart.

When I return to checkout my husband is finishing up and then he proceeds to chew me out! He's yelling and screaming in my face asking why I didn't stay by his side while he browsed aisles or while he was checking out. He said I was thoughtless and uncaring because I left him to get other items or when I followed our son around. Mind you he's screaming at me in public in front of other customers and our son. He said "that's so stupid for you to not look with me and shop with me."

My husband totally flipped out of nowhere. His words hurt me so bad because I don't see where I had done wrong. What did I do wrong??? He just kept yelling that if I cared about him, I would've shopped right next to him and waited with him at checkout. Never in my wildest dreams was I equating "being on another aisle as I hate my husband," but this seems to be how my husband interpreted my actions in the grocery store.

I totally shut down in shock and fear which further angered my husband. He said "now you're gonna be stupid and not talk to me and overanalyze this and get all hurt, aren't you?" He's screaming this at me, and obviously it only made me further shut down. How was I supposed to explain myself or feelings after a comment like that? We drove home him stewing and both my son and I crying.

It's the next day and I'm still shaking and I'm absolutely petrified to say or do something that may cross some random, arbitrary line. I mean what the hell? I'm at a complete loss for words and scared shitless to talk.

**I attempted to talk to him today. He responded that what I was thinking and feeling was just me overreacting and being unwilling to listen to his side of the story.

**Unfortunately, events like this have happened before. Last night was the first he cussed me out in public before. He does however have a quick temper. Ot wasn't out of character, but thr viciousness was unusual.