I need advise


I'm about to go into my senior year of college and honestly it's been hell. I expected for college to be amazing, HS wasn't that great, but all I've faced was negativity.

I've only dated three times non of which lasted long, I've had roommate issues two were racist and the other two were drug users. I work my ass off but in return I'm barely making it, I applied and networked with ppl about internships but at the end of the day I never seem to get it.

I am two years behind meaning I should've graduated 2 years ago but I've never really had anyone in my family graduate from college. I never really got certain help that other ppl could.

I'm trying and it hurts because I had to choose either to stay at school and deal with a roommate that was making my life hell or deal with someone that has been mentally abusing me since I was little. On top of that I keep getting denied jobs, I found out that I might not have a place to live anymore and finally I might have to stay in schp for another semester because the school messed up some of my credits.

Please give me words of affirmation, I really need it.