I have come to a lot of posts basing off on symptoms they're feeling and thinking they're pregnant. You yourself are playing with your mind. In order to find out that you're pregnant take a test. Don't go off on because you're hungry now or because you're more tired or because your boobs are hurting or because you're cramping you're pregnant. PLEASE REMEMBER You don't get pregnancy symptoms till later on in the pregnancy, those symptoms that you may be "feeling" can be your body telling your period is coming. Also, you can trick your body from thinking you're feeling all this if you keep thinking you're pregnant but really aren't sure of it since you haven't test and your period isn't due till 3 more weeks.. 
ALWAYS be patient, test when missed period or try first response tests that can tell you 6 days before missed period. Please stop with these posts of "my boobs hurt, my dog has been acting funny lately I had unprotected sex, can I be pregnant?" We aren't sure and we can't give you a yes or no. IF YOU HAD unprotected sex, there can be a 50/50 chance but not all the time unprotected sex would mean BAM you are pregnant. So please. Ladies, or teens.. JUST FUCKING TEST! Get a cheap ass 99cent one if you can't afford one and test! Those are 100% accurate and WORK just like a 20$ pregnancy test would. Wait 5 mins or 3, and you get your results! Stop asking us! We don't know if you are or not. Feelings won't mean a yes or no.