Tip: how strollers are compatible with car seats they don't list!


This is for any moms out there having trouble picking a car seat they like that goes with a stroller they want (that aren't sold together) because there doesn't seem to be an adapter sold with the stroller that works with that particular seat.

I kept finding the perfect car seat and a perfect stroller but they never seemed to work together and then I figured out a really great loophole...

Now, some car seats and some strollers just won't mix no matter what.

Strollers that are car seat friendly usually sell one or a few adapters that make them compatible with car seats from other brands.

Suppose stroller #1 sells a single adapter that allows you to use it with car seats A and B.

Stroller #2 sells an adapter that it says makes a compatible with car seat A.

Here's the thing - we learned from stroller #1 that an adapter that works with A also works with B (it is generic to both brands). This means that if you purchase stroller # 2 and you purchase the adapter, you can use either car seat A or B, not just A (even though the stroller says it is not compatible with B).

This can take some cross-referencing but I just wanted you guys to know that you have these options!