odd doctor

Jacklynn •

*posted in another group but never get any responses in it*🙄🙄🙄🙄

maybe odd isn't the right word but with my son my doctor was amazing and at 30 weeks she started seeing me every week, cervix checks (i had him at 36 no complications great easy fast labor)

We ended up moving and now I have a new doc for this pregnancy with my daughter I'm high risk, she's already tried to come twice once at 23 weeks and another at 32 just 2 weeks ago... I'm 34 now and we went to see him today he didn't check my cervix didn't measure my stomach didn't do much of anything just asked how i was feeling and said see you in 2 weeks because he's going on vacation next week....

well hopefully she stays in that long

anyone else think that's strange?